Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hey guys!  This is Carly, the owner and photographer of Carly Moon Images.  After two months without a reliable laptop (Oh the joy of motherboards and technology-based business), I am finally in a position to get one up and running!  Forgive me while I reflect on the ghosts of shoots past:)  Over the next few posts I'll be reflecting on the shoots that I've done over the past year.  Enjoy and please feel free to check me out (and 'like') Carly Moon Images on Facebook or pin your favorite photos :)  Thank you for taking the time to check me out!

Yours always,

One of the few times I've gotten in front of a DSLR! This was taken in front of Springhill Suites, a hotel that I stayed at in Baltimore.  It is based in a former bank and has a vault in the basement.  This place was so cool!!

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